segunda-feira, 4 de outubro de 2021


Getting someone Out depends on getting in touch with the one inside him or her who believes. You never know who is keeping an undeveloped faithful self and who is going to fight for Truth to be who he or she really is. Even trying to help, the individual needs to find and cultivate the Passion for himself to give not up, persist and succeed. And sometimes, he has already let a worldly passion find him in such a deeply enslaving way that he can hardly think of any other Life's existence that could be better and more.

When you're so full of yourself and fake wisdom that lie idolatrously becomes Truth, you're going to instinctively fight for it and against anything you don't want to know about, that could take away your worldly horizons and opportunities from you, calling Truth a lie and a fantasy.

You'll never be ready to get Out waiting for false to come true and enough.