segunda-feira, 11 de outubro de 2021

Linked To Your Enemies

People who only believe in you after they start realizing there must be someone helping you, do not really believe. Your true friends are those who share the same questions, not those who, after seeing the answers, are going to look back and say, "Hey, he wasn't crazy, he was going somewhere". When you were under attack, where were they? Too busy living their selfish lives, too cold to care.

I forgive but I don't forget the Wisdom I get, so I don't forgive. What do I mean? Just interpret His words... He tells you to forgive, let go of resentment, and He tells you to forgive not, be in communion, until there is repentance. That is, do not connect until they reconnect, unless you want to cry and be the fool to blame.

If they have not been working to get Her all those days, just search for the evidences that they're still not doing it now. They're there, and they mean that as soon as the magic disappears to test them, they'll be gone fully devoted to their friendship with the world. If the magic is back, their eyes are going to turn your direction again.

Have you seen the Future? I don't think you have the faith and reason to do that.

Both don't seem to have a place in you.