sábado, 31 de julho de 2021

Go Get Her

Shallow and meaningless souls.

We Call It False Love

People rarely repent. They become "religious" in order to keep deceiving themselves; few get really sick of the lies. It's always about some outer being or whatever that could help them inside the illusion. Why would they ask for help to get out of it? They don't care if there's no real thing inside them when that's not necessary to get the life with all they've ever wanted. On the contrary, it'd ruin their plans.

Yes, the void is necessary to "success".

Consciously or not, they are aware of that.

Light Worker?

What is that supposed to protect anyone from? Losing money in lawsuits and ending up poor in "Egypt"?

That's Smith's eye watching over you.

Love 'N' Wisdom

Just in case you didn't know, the 'roll' part of it is sex, false just like the 'rock' part. I only realized that when I started going to some heavy brass shows and listened to the fans' conversations, and I was like, "What the hell am I doing here, I didn't know I was coming to the Carnival". It's not about no truth and no freedom, and will never be unless there is repentance.

Its "religious" fans are there trying to "save" it, pretending their idols have not already converted them to it; they were unable to start something new, because all they wanted was to be part of its scene. They don't even try to hide how much they appreciate the happy wicked blah blah blah, despising the fact that you cannot do no work of light without throwing away the works of darkness.

Now they write happy "righteous" things like, "I am the enemy of new", as if they need to say that. We see the love of old in them.

To be enslaved and to enslave, that's what the "music" they know is all about.

There is a popstar inside every rockstar.

All I Have

The only thing I regret is nothing, if you know what I philosophically mean.

sexta-feira, 30 de julho de 2021

I Don't Feel So

He loved me while I was still wrong.

How ungrateful I would be choosing to be "right" and stay wrong!

That's what many do when they pretend that love matters to them.

Can a love that is enough to exist out there only save?

Fallen Already

If you're not willing to fall, don't fight for anything.

You won't fall but you won't get up either.

Hell On My Way

I tried it again, but I could never remember myself the way I could.

I cannot be a "good" person only to avoid hell and its rocks.

Remembering Myself

They're right, self-right, I mean.

It was all pretend: I regret nothing.

quinta-feira, 29 de julho de 2021

"God, I Hate Rock 'N' Roll"

Hey, I know the feeling.

Weird or what?


If you're mad, get mad.

Don't hold it all inside.

I understand your frustration, so I did my job.

The mean machine cannot stop you from going in now.