sábado, 31 de julho de 2021

Love 'N' Wisdom

Just in case you didn't know, the 'roll' part of it is sex, false just like the 'rock' part. I only realized that when I started going to some heavy brass shows and listened to the fans' conversations, and I was like, "What the hell am I doing here, I didn't know I was coming to the Carnival". It's not about no truth and no freedom, and will never be unless there is repentance.

Its "religious" fans are there trying to "save" it, pretending their idols have not already converted them to it; they were unable to start something new, because all they wanted was to be part of its scene. They don't even try to hide how much they appreciate the happy wicked blah blah blah, despising the fact that you cannot do no work of light without throwing away the works of darkness.

Now they write happy "righteous" things like, "I am the enemy of new", as if they need to say that. We see the love of old in them.

To be enslaved and to enslave, that's what the "music" they know is all about.

There is a popstar inside every rockstar.